Hacker Labs Community | SAINTCON 2019

Hacker Labs Community

Brought to you by: @zodiak

Hacker Labs are back in 2019! We are expanding the available labs to include more pen testing tools and labs. In the labs, you get to be the hacker and attack a system. Learn some of the tactics, tricks, and tools that today's miscreants and red teams are utilizing, and earn some Hacker's Challenge points and win prizes for completing more advanced tasks.

Dictionary Required for Some Lab Exercises

This community will allow you to experience as a red teamer. Spend some time with one of our virtual labs to learn various tools and tactics compromising various systems and environments. We also have equipment and tools that are often expensive or hard to acquire including: HackRF-Ones, Proxmark RFID Tools, SDR Devices, RaspberryPis, NFC Tools, Wifi Pineapples, LANTurtles, RubberDuckies, and SO MUCH MORE