Lock Pick Community | SAINTCON 2019

Lock Pick Community

Brought to you by: @d1dymu5

Want to learn how to pick locks like they do in the movies? Come and visit the lock pick community where you can learn and participate in the art of picking locks. Lock Picking is an easy skill to learn, and a great example that everything has a vulnerability if you understand how it works. This year’s lock picking community will show enhanced lock picking skills for the experienced picker, and provide this gateway skill to the uninitiated.

Whether you are new or experienced with lock picking, the LPC is a must stop. Every hacker or security professional can benefit from this skill. Take your locksport game to the next level. We will have lock picking challenges, instruction and plenty of practice time for you to learn to pick the most challenging locks.

What to bring:
   Nothing - we will have all of the supplies and tools you need in the community