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By: Andrew Hall  RuShan

Teaching soldering to all abilities focusing on the the basics for beginners with a project to learn on.

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By: Michael Julander  @Sodium_Hydrogen

Learn more about the communication protocol used by the Saintcon badge to talk to the minibadges and how to listen to the communication and send your own commands using the bus pirate.

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By: Josh Galvez  zevlag

Amiibo? Infinity Figurines? Skylanders Figurines? Dimensions Figurines? They all use RFID/NFC, in this community talk I will cover the basics of their communications protocols and methods.

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By: Dave C.  kampf

This is a guide built from experience travelling to Beijing, China during 2018 and 2019. It's a nuts-and-bolts tutorial about some best practices for preparation, information sanity, security, and sanitation. Some tips involve SIM cards, while others recommend getting cash well in advance of departure. Account and identity protection are also encouraged as much as possible, where possible, and when necessary. Device setup, recommendations for use, usage, and media exporting.

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By: Sean Jackson  74rku5

Password cracking is something that Hollywood uses all the time, and makes look easy. Well...it's not really that hard. You're using a computer to do the work. Hashcat is the tool of choice when you have to do some tough cracking. There are steps to take to work through your lists, and yeah, it takes time. Unless they're using something silly, but no one does that anymore, right?

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By: Jonathon Degn  

We use our phones every day, but few people know how their phone does something as simple as sending a text message.The GSM module is responsible for a cell phones core functionality, such as calling and texting. The phone communicates with this module through AT commands. In this lightning talk, I will use a hobby GSM module to demonstrate how to construct and send AT commands to call and text, as well as perform other interesting commands such as revising sent text messages.

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By: Doug Copeland  c00p3r

ast prototyping an implantable computer from off the shelf parts, there are two phases to this project phase 1 is making a fast prototype from off the shelf parts, and implanting it into a host, this is meant to be a proof of concept for the implantable computer which is able to sniff wifi, bluetooth, and nfc from within the human body... allow the hacker to remote into the computer/host and gather information from a possible distributed array of people involved in the test. phase 2 is to take what is learned and create a custom pcb with all that has been learned from the original design and to create a smaller more compact form factor for the design... currently me and my team are in 5th official revision of phase 1 of this project... unofficially more like the 20th revision. The purpose of the talk is to do more then get up and say i built this thing and it does this, but instead to have a conversation about the process of fast prototyping and to encourage others that may or may not have an idea to try building something themselves, and create their own DIY evolution!

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