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Utah's Premiere Cyber Security Conference

October 22-25, 2019

Message from Jup1t3r

We are excited to welcome you to SAINTCON 2019.  Whether this is your first time joining us, or if you are a SAINTCON veteran, we have an amazing conference experience planned for you this year.   To help you get as much out of the conference as possible, I have created this message as a summary of everything we have planned for the 2019 conference.

The theme for SAINTCON this year is “The Enigma” in direct reference to the use of the enigma machine in WWII, and the efforts of code breaking and advancements in technology that came as a result of many during those times.   This year’s badge will have some elements of the theme, and will be one of the most interesting of any conference to date.

SAINTCON remains supported by you the attendees, our incredible local security communities and groups, and in part by some awesome sponsors.

It takes an army of people to produce SAINTCON each year, and this year is no different.  With nearly 20 committee members, and their staff of 25 individuals supported by almost 60 volunteers.  All these support the nearly 85 presenters and 1200 attendees.  In the end YOU are the reason we make this happen every year.  It is truly our labor of love and community!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy SAINTCON 2019.

We are very appreciative of these incredible sponsors and their support to make this conference a successful.
Compunet, Qualys, ConvergeOne, Trend Micro, CyberArk, PNMC, Bluehost, EOS Systems, Virtual Armour, CVE, Cisco, Fortinet, RSA, PDQ, XMission, WatchGuard/TNS, PineCove, Red Canary, and CentraCom
SAINTCON 2019 will be held at
Utah Valley Convention Center
220 Center Street, Provo Utah, 84601

Specific transportation and parking details can be found on the UtahValley website.

An early-bird registration event has become a tradition for SAINTCON and usually marks the beginning of the conference for many.   This event allows diehard attendees to get their hands on the badge early, and to allow us to work out any kinks in the registration process.  This is the first opportunity to get your badge, and avoid the lines on opening day.  Early Registration opens Monday evening 5:30p - 8:00p

Onsite registration at the conference will be open on Tuesday by 7:00a for those that want to arrive before the big rush.  Registration will open daily by 8:00a each day after that.  To register you will need to bring a Photo ID with your name on it matching the registration on file.

If your plans have changed and you need to transfer your registration to someone else, please use our self-service portal to Transfer Registrations.
Meal passes are given at the time of registration, and provide access to lunches provided at the conference for those who have registered with a Meal Plan.  Those without meal passes have an entire downtown food district to explore.  Lunch will be 1.5hrs to give everyone plenty of time to find food, and network with others at the conference.

In order to fuel your thirst and caffeine requirements, we once again this year with all-you-can-drink soda and water during the conference.  We deeply appreciate UVCC working with us to make this possible.   We are proud to make this benefit available to ALL attendees.
The badge you wear around your neck this year is truly amazing!  From the design team including Compukidmike, BashNinja, and others we bring you an incredible badge to explore and provide a challenge for you to work on.  There is very little assembly this year leaving you to practically wear the badge the moment you get it.

SAINTCON is the conference that made the Mini-Badge “a thing”. We are so excited to see what attendees bring this year.  In addition to the MANY official mini-badges, we expect to see dozens of independent designs make an appearance.   Be sure to show the HHC crew your unique designs, and if you have an extra let us put one in our yearly collection.

We have an incredible keynote session planned for SAINTCON 2019.  We are excited to hear original content and commentary from these great security leaders:
  • Rachel Tobac -  CEO of SocialProof Security
  • Sherri Davidoff - CEO of LMG Security and Brightwise
  • Russ Rogers - Hacker/Security Researcher for Microsoft

We have received an incredible range of presentation content for 2019.  This year we have enough content to create a FUNDAMENTALS track that runs almost the entire duration of the conference.  We have some of our best presentation content ever for 2019.

We have expanded our training offerings, brought back some of our top trainers, and built some great training opportunities for our attendees.   See the schedule and be sure to arrive early to trainings to ensure you get a seat.  Seating is first-come-first-served until seating capacity is reached.

Brought to you by the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN), this executive focused track is structured with some of the premiere content for administrative and executive professionals looking to better understand security and the role security plays in their organizations.

Our Tetris Grand-Masters have once again compiled a schedule for the conference and posted it HERE.   It is important to understand that seating for each session is on a first come first served basis.  We recommend you arrive a bit early to ensure you get a good seat.

SAINTCON Family Night is a safe and creative space for kids to learn white-hat hacking and technology skills from some of the best and brightest our community has to offer through the fun hands-on workshops and contests.

This event has been organized by the SAINTCON Widows (spouses of the committee members).
Admission to this event is FREE as long as you are
accompanied by someone with an Attendee Badge.
Wednesday Evening from 6:30p until ~10:00p

Activities Include:
  • Nerf Gun Modifications and Contests (Please bring your own nerf-gun if possible)     
  • Free Soldering Projects (while supplies last)
  • Lock Picking instruction and contests
  • Physical Security puzzles with the Vault
  • Drone Flying Instruction and Precision Flying Contests
  • Mario Kart 8 Competition (skill class pairing where possible)
  • 3D Printing demonstrations
  • Laser Cutter demonstrations and material giveaways
  • HeboCon Problem Solving and Creativity community
  • Tin Foil Hat building
  • Coin/Hackers Challenges for Kids
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • DJ/Music and Instruction
  • Talks on internet safety for kids
  • Talks on internet safety for parents
  • Exclusive Mini-badge giveaway
  • Prizes for kiddos
  • and of course Snacks while they last.

The job fair event last year was a success so we have decided to bring it back for 2019.  This event is open to all conference attendees to recruit, or be recruited. Wednesday 8a - 10a on the 3rd Floor of the Conference Venue

This contest is the cornerstone event for SAINTCON.  This legendary event brings a variety of technical and security puzzles and challenges to our attendees in a way to encourage skill learning, problem solving, and critical thinking.  This year will not disappoint.  For those planning to play this year come prepared for some new and exciting challenges, and MAYBE a retro category. 
Details of this contest are posted here.
Hackers Challenge begins promptly after the Keynotes Conclude.

The Vault competition this year will be one for the books!  We are working to expand the vault into a comprehensive physical security challenge with multiple stages for completion.  Details of this event are closely guarded so come prepared for anything!
The Vault Experience begins Tuesday after Lunch.  Open Daily 9a-4p

Brought to you by the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN), this event will bring a new perspective to BLUE TEAM management.   This event is a 2Hr engagement where you will be taught how to better detect and defend against network based security attacks.  Signups have already begun.  Don’t miss this event!
  • Wednesday Morning and Afternoon Sessions
  • Thursday Morning and Afternoon Sessions
  • Friday Morning Session (planned)

Returning for its second year, Los Santos is an escape challenge event where you will be literally handcuffed to a chair, and you are given an opportunity to escape using just the tools you have on you, or you can find lying around.   It brings a fun twist to lock picking ideology.

Have a password cracking rig? Just interested in Password Cracking? The Password Cracking Competition will be an event that allows the experienced password crackers and the inexperienced alike. If you have cracked passwords before, or would just like to learn how to get started, this event will provide incentive with cool prizes.

An unofficial event run by Kampf and D4rkm4tter. This is an off-site hackerspace for chilling and building. More details can be found here: HAK-IN-THE-BOX

The place to go to build mini-badges and learn how to interact with hardware on a completely different level. The HHC is staffed by some of the best hardware minds in the community. Come to build a mini-badge, learn how to make your own, or get tips and tricks on how to hack the badge to make it even better.

Want to learn how to pick locks like they do in the movies?  Come and visit the lock pick community where you can learn and participate in the art of picking locks.  Lock Picking is an easy skill to learn, and a great example that everything has a vulnerability if you understand how it works.  This year’s lock picking community will show enhanced lock picking skills for the experienced picker, and provide this gateway skill to the uninitiated.
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This community will allow you to experience as a red teamer.  Spend some time with one of our virtual labs to learn various tools and tactics compromising various systems and environments.  We also have equipment and tools that are often expensive or hard to acquire including: HackRF-Ones, Proxmark RFID Tools, SDR Devices, RaspberryPis, NFC Tools, Wifi Pineapples, LANTurtles, RubberDuckies, and SO MUCH MORE.

You know that LTE/5G technology is widely deployed.  Do you know how it works?  We are providing a unique opportunity to SAINTCON attendees to interact and test some of the latest LTE technology and experiment with it in a way that will help you understand it applications, security vulnerabilities, and capabilities.

Nothing says hacker like a laptop covered in a variety of stickers.  For 2019 we will be facilitating a sticker swap community.  Come, take some interesting stickers, leave some cool stickers you brought, or just hang out and  chat.
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Come, enjoy some shorter and more relaxed presentations.  Topics and presentations range from new presentations being tested for feedback, lightning talks, awesome demos, last-minute additions, or just about anything else you can think of.  Slots are still available, for you to come give back to the SAINTCON community by sharing some of your knowledge or demoing something cool.  We have an exclusive mini-badge for everyone that shares something here.

The NeverLAN CTF is a Capture the Flag event that focuses on teaching security to those new to security through hacking challenges. Mentors will be available to help beginners throughout the duration of the event.  We assume no prior knowledge and welcome any and all beginners.

By popular request, we are bringing a small maker lab to SAINTCON.  There will be many fun maker tools and demos for you to watch, use, and participate in.  We will have various 3-D printers (both filament and resin), a laser cutter, and much more.  Come learn everything you need to know about the creative art of making for professional success and personal fun.

New this year, we are adding an RFID/NFC Community.  Come here to learn how badge access control systems work, how to clone and impersonate badges, and learn the security of these systems.  It is a great opportunity to get your hands on tools and gear like proxmarks, different card readers, and various kinds of cards.  There will be demos, classes and explanations of the associated technologies and how to use them.

This village is to spread awareness around container security and introduce professionals to popular attack vectors and defense strategies for container-based services. By explaining and teaching how an attacker would look for vulnerabilities in a containerized service along with configuring them with the proper settings, it helps security professionals better understand how they should approach building and attacking applications running on container infrastructure.

Communicating with other attendees during the conference makes the conference a much richer experience.  To facilitate this we have created a SLACK instance for use by attendees.  Join the SAINTCOMMS instance to communicate with attendees, trainers/presenters, and conference organizers. Link to: Join Slack.

Twitter is our official news and information outlet.  Please follow these official feeds to keep up to date on the latest SAINTCON developments.
  • @SAINTCON - Official Conference General Feed
  • @SAINTCONHC - Hackers Challenge Game Updates and Live Feed
  • @SAINTCONEVENTS - Updates on Contests and Events during the conference
  • @SAINTCONLABS - SAINTCON Hacker Labs updates.
SAINTCON has a long tradition in providing FAST and reliable network access during the conference. This year will be no different. Thanks to Centracom { }, we have 1Gbps of available bandwidth during the conference and because of Cisco/Meraki and UVCC, we have the latest and fastest wireless network gear. You will have a pleasant network experience this year.
Password: SAINTCON2019

We have put many hours into providing details for nearly every aspect of the conference.  Nearly all of these have been posted to the SAINTCON website.  Please take time to explore the site, learn what we have in store for you, and how you can get involved in each area.

To help make SAINTCON the best experience, you should come prepared to participate in a wide variety of content, contests, events, and challenges as possible.  SAINTCON is a highly technical conference. In order to get the most out of it, we encourage you to bring your favorite technology. Laptop is encouraged, but we encourage you to bring one that does not have PII or other sensitive information. We monitor the network for attacks, but we do not guarantee a clean network.
Bring your curiosity and an open-mind. If this is your first SAINTCON, you may be surprised by a talk or topic. We do not shy away from tough topics and discussion. We may not solve the world's security problems, but we do discuss them openly with all opinions respected.
Bring your hardware projects. You can get some help and ideas on how to improve projects you may be working on. There are plenty of experts and hobbyists around to give advice and provide assistance.

While attending SAINTCON we expect people to be respectful of others, and their views. SAINTCON and the UtahSAINT Organization does not tolerate violent, hateful, or disruptive behaviors or speech. By attending SAINTCON you agree to follow the code of conduct posted here: Code of Conduct