Conference villages are areas of the conference where you can explore and develop different security and technology skills. Villages are run and supported by volunteers at the conference.

We have been working hard to bring you the best SAINTCON villages experience yet. We will provide you opportunities to build hardware and learn about cool tools and software. There will be deeper integration with the hacker’s challenge game that will give you more opportunities for HC points.

HHV - Hardware Hacking Village

The HHV will have everything you need for electronics assembly, troubleshooting and programming. You will have the options to assemble your badge, one of the kits from the store or even work on a project you brought with you. Staff will be on hand to help teach you what you need to know and troubleshoot any problems you may run into.

Village Learning Classroom

Come see talks, presentations and project demos. Learn about new tools, tactics, and cool technology.

LPV - Lock Pick Village

Jimy Longs and Marvthegrate will return again this year to provide SAINTCON 2017 with a top-notch Lock Picking Village. Whether you are new or experienced with lock picking, the LPV is a must stop. Take your locksport game to the next level. We will have lock picking challenges, instruction and plenty of practice time for you to learn to pick the most challenging locks.


Take some time to polish up some hacker’s challenges, do some work, meet some friends or just relax. The hangspace will have chairs, tables, couches and network connections for your use.


Visit SAINT:labs to get your hands on security related hardware and software. Earn some Hacker’s Challenge points while you learn the capabilities and functionality of various software and hardware security tools. This year, we have revamped SAINT:labs to be task based. We will give you specific tasks that you can pursue at your own pace and provide a selection of tools from which you can choose to accomplish your task. All of the tools will have documentation attached that will walk you through common tasks and procedures for operating them.