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SAINTCON is an annual technology security conference presented by the Utah chapter of the Security Advisory and Incident Network Team ("UtahSAINT"). This conference has been held for 14 years throughout the State of Utah. Prior to 2013 the conference was called the "UtahSAINT Conference", but was renamed to be more recognizable and could flourish on it's own.

SAINTCON is focused on providing great technology security instruction and training. Topics and activities at SAINTCON provide all levels of security training from fundamentals to advanced techniques.

What happens at SAINTCON?

Most people come to listen to the Talks and Presentations, but year by year we continue to bring more and more elements into the conference. While the presentations are great, we provide a rich experience that allows attendees to focus on things that interest them the most.

Games and Contests are a major part of SAINTCON. Many people spend their entire time at the conference (and in their hotels) playing the Hackers Challenge game. Hackers Challenge was originally used to provide "Something else to do" during less interesting presentations, but has become a serious and high skills driven game that the attendees love to play.

The most recent addition to SAINTCON are the "Villages". The idea stolen fair and square from DEF CON, we want to provide a casual and hands-on environment to learn and apply new skills while having fun. Villages will be a large part of SAINTCON moving forward with three (3) major villages (maybe more) in the line-up for 2017.

Is SAINTCON just for State Agencies?

No... SAINTCON has of course grown from a strong interaction from Public Education. It is not limited to this mission. We continue to expand the conference to include private corporations and non-education entities. We feel that this strengthens our conference and the UtahSAINT Organization. SAINTCON is open to anyone and everyone who would like to attend.

We will always continue however to have an education focus in key areas, however Network Security does not differ significantly in application.

I'm not a security professional, should I attend SAINTCON?

Maybe... SAINTCON is not just for security and IT professionals, but is for anyone who has an interest in computer security. If computer security, hacking, security research, or other similar things interest you, you will likely enjoy SAINTCON.

Is there an Internet Connection at SAINTCON?

We understand that being an IT or security professional often means being tethered to the office via phone and Internet. So we generally provide a robust and highly capable wireless network running at the Conference. You should consider it semi-hostile. Make sure you use appropriate VPN or other secure methods of communication because it is a security conference after all, and we’re sure people are listening. It should be more than adequate for you to keep things running back at the office.

Is there an age limit for attending SAINTCON?

No, In fact we encourage you to bring younger attendees to SAINTCON. We have expanded this option in recent years, and have found that much of what we do and discuss is beneficial to High School students and younger. Student Groups are also welcome and if you contact us prior to registration, we can sometimes work out discounts on registration costs for groups of students.

How many people attend SAINTCON?

SAINTCON has always been limited by the number of seats we have available. The conference has SOLD OUT every year we have had it since 2009. We continue to find larger and larger venues, provide more seats and we somehow seem to fill them. In 2016 we had nearly 800 attendees, this year we have room for A LOT MORE. Utilizing the entire UVCC venue will allow us to expand the conference to 1000 attendees. We still anticipate selling out the con.

How do I get involved in SAINTCON?

Involvement in SAINTCON is an organic thing. Many of the people involved in the conference just seem to show up and start helping. Soon after, they realize what they have gotten themselves into, but by then it’s too late. These days however, we strive for a little more organization than we have in the past. To get involved all you need to do is be willing to help, and reach out to one of the members of the Conference Committee.

How can I present at SAINTCON?

You can submit a response to our Call for Presenters. All entries are evaluated by the conference committee and those chosen are notified soon after the CFP closes.

What help do you need the most?

YES!, (which means everything). You can help by: Building Hackers Challenge Puzzles, Volunteering to Present at SAINTCON, helping us setup the conference, Help with A/V monitoring during the conference, Video Streaming, Registration and Check-in, Staffing for Villages, Booklet Layout and Printing, Photography, and the list goes on and on.

If you have skills in any of these areas and a couple hundred hours you are willing to dedicate to the cause, we’d love to hear from you. Call for Volunteers will occur in June. If you are interested in helping, Sign up when CFV is announced.

What are "Communities"?

Conference communities (often referred to as "villages") are areas of the conference where you can explore and develop different security and technology skills. Villages are run and supported by volunteers at the conference.

What is the Hackers Challenge?

Roughly defined, it is a Jeopardy-like progressive game where players are presented with puzzles which require various security and technical skills to solve. Individuals work on these puzzles and submit keys from solving them in order to earn points. The person with the highest points wins a Black Badge. (the coveted badge that allows them to attend SAINTCON free of charge for life.)