Conference Badge | SAINTCON 2018

SAINTCON 2018 Badge

For 2018, the SAINTCON team will once again provide an awesome electronic badge. This year the badge will be designed and built by a new member of our team: compukidmike. We want to provide him a warm welcome. Compukidmike brings a great deal of badge building experience to the table, and we are excited to see what the SAINTCON 2018 Badge will become.

We will continue to support the minibadge concept that we used last year, in fact we're fully doubling down on minibadges this year. There will be many more minibadge spots, and I2C will be supported by the main badge code. SPI is an unknown at this point, so don't plan on it. With I2C being available, we should be able to come up with some cool interactivity.

To avoid address conflicts, there is a list of used addresses along with the minibadge spec here:

Important Note: Female minibadge headers will be included on the main badge this year, you do not need to bring your own.