SAINTCON Packet Capture Community

Packet Capture Community

Packet Capture Community is a new area that will let you come learn and polish network forensic skills. We will have labs of varying difficulties to let you find, identify and decode network streams from a network jack. In the PCC you will be able to get some hacker's challenge keys, win some prizes, and learn some new tools while increasing your digital ninja skillset.

Run by - Marv White (marv)
   Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
What to bring:
   Laptop with wireshark (ethernet port if you have it - we will have a few USB devices available)

About Communities

In 2018, we are bringing back all of the villages, making them better and adding some new. One of the goals for 2018 was to make all aspects of the con more inviting and inclusive than ever before. To help with this, we are re-branding the villages to now be communities to emphasize that these areas are planned, run, driven, and enjoyed by all attendees. The Communities are for everyone to come, make friends, meet experts, mentor beginners, earn Hacker's Challenge points, and have an awesome time. Bring whatever skills and knowledge you have, and let's all improve together.