SAINTCON Escape Challenge Los Santos


All you can remember is being hit hard on the head while on vacation in Mexico. As you wake up, you find that you are locked in a dark room, and that your captors did a terrible job checking your pockets. Being a hacker, you never leave home without your lock pick set.

As the fog lifts from your mind, you realize that your one and only chance to stay alive is... ESCAPE!

Timing is going to be critical, there is only a few minutes before the guards return. Ready, GO!

New this year will be a realistic escape game. Learning how to pick locks in a controlled, stress-free environment is one thing. What about when you're under pressure and your life depends on it? That's what Los Santos will simulate and teach you.


You've been kidnapped by a drug cartel. They have removed your belongings and secured you to a chair that's bolted to the floor. You've observed they have placed your belongings just out of reach. Other than a few office supplies and some trash, the room is bare. You've also observed they cartel members keep incriminating items locked in a safe in the room. During the guard rotation, you have 5 minutes to escape.

There are two difficulties for this contest: NOVICE and ADVANCED.


You are zip-tied to the chair. You must free yourself from the chair, and pick the deadbolt and door handle.


You are handcuffed to the chair, legs taped to the chair, and blindfolded. You must free yourself from the chair, and pick the 2 deadbolts, door handle, and the external latch on the door.

Required Safeguards:


A perfect score is respectively 900 points for Novice and 1,100 points for Advanced resulting in immediately getting free, picking all the locks (i.e. teleporting out of the room, phasing, quantum placement, etc)

You will be awarded points for successfully getting free. Every second left on the clock will be a point.


In order to maintain the quality of the contest, keep it in working order, and focus on escape skills, the following guidelines are established for this event. Misuse or not following these guidelines may lead to disqualification from the contest.


Prizes will be awarded to those who complete the challenges in the contest. Prizes, declaring winners, scoring, etc. are all subject to the judgement of the Los Santos staff.

Novice: Los Santos minibadge.

Advanced: Los Santos minibadge, Secret covert escape and evade item (revealed at contest)

Grand Prizes (awarded at awards ceremony)