Red vs. Blue Challenge | SAINTCON 2018



Compete by learning the offense and defence of cybersecurity.
No matter which side you choose, you will learn something.


Have you ever detected an attack while it was happening? In order to detect an attack occurring in real-time you need to be able to see what is occurring on your network, and have the ability to prevent active attacks from being successful. This is called BLUE TEAMING.

As a Blue Team participant, you'll be monitoring a live environment looking for anomalous behaviors. It will be your job to identify the breach and make recommendations for remediation. Blue team players will get hands-on experience using firewalls and log collection tools for attack detection.


Have you ever been the attacker, testing for holes and vulnerabilities on your network? Often looked upon as the glamorous part of security, active penetration testing can be a lot of fun but difficult to do well. This is called RED TEAMING

Red Team participants will receive a playbook with step-by-step instructions for a series of attacks against the Blue Team. All necessary Red Team tools are included with Kali Linux.


At SAINTCON we will be putting these two teams head-to-head and providing the opportunity for players to learn and carry out the skills required in each of the respective areas.

Red versus Blue is a two-hour hands-on workshop where participants experience security attacks from the perspective of an attacker and a defender. Prizes are awarded to both attackers and defenders.

This event is designed for players of all ages and abilities. Prizes will be awarded for high scores, insightful discoveries and collaboration skills.