Vault Challenge | SAINTCON 2018


It’s been a hard year for Cheap Sheep Enterprises (“CSE”). With a lack of sales, the board has had to find alternative means of income and cost reduction. This includes subletting an office inside CSE. However, the new tenants have raised the suspicions of the FBI. Your team has been recruited to covertly enter CSE’s office during the week of September 25-28 to identify what the suspicious tenants are up to. Reconnaissance has indicated that all employees of CSE will be in South Dakota that week preparing for the South Dakota Sheep Growers Annual Convention. You should be aware though, the FBI has recruited other teams to get this job done as well and they are only paying the best team.

The Vault

For the fourth year, the Vault is back again at SaintCon! The Vault is SAINTCON’s Physical Security Challenge and brought to you this year by the team at Snowfensive. Similar to last year, the Vault will be a spectator sport, so the curious can watch as teams compete.

How it Works?

The Vault is a team based Capture the Flag (“CTF”) event. Each team has a time limit to make their run through the Vault scoring as many points as possible. At the end of the competition, the team with the best score wins.

Want to play?

Everyone is welcome and there is no prequalification requirements! The Vault is designed as a team based CTF. Team sizes can range from a minimum of two and maximum of four people per team.

The following skillsets are considered helpful. However, if you’re new to any of these areas, or even all of them -- you are still encouraged to try and see how far you can get.:

  • Open-source intelligence
  • Lock Picking
  • Wireless and Software Defined Radio
  • Physical Security Bypass Techniques
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork & Cooperation

Without giving away too much, the following tools would be handy to have
  • An SDR/Ubertooth One
  • Lockpicks
  • Bypass tools
  • Proxmark/RFIDler (RFID tools)


  • Do not touch anything out of scope. Out of scope things are designated in yellow.
  • Do not destroy anything.
  • Anything in a blue wrapper such as an envelope or blue paper is made for the team to take with them. If not, please leave it.
  • You can only be on one team.


A digital automated scoring system will be in use.
Points are awarded for opening things. Some items may be bypassed multiple ways. The scores are the same regardless of how you bypassed it.
A team many attempt as many runs as they would like.
The last run overwrites any previous score. (If you do worse than before, you don’t get the better of the two scores).
After the first run, each additional run adds a small penalty.
There are situations that will zero out your score completely. Be careful!
Shortest completion time will be used to break a tie
If a tie remains, the team which competed first shall win.


1st Place: $500
2nd Place: A special gift

Run by Snowfensive