Wireless Hunt | SAINTCON 2018


You are on the hunt for beautiful packets. In your best Steve Irwin australian accent you say: "Isn't it a bute.." as you close in for the capture. While inspecting the packet you can see that this wireless AP is just one of many wildlife in the local ecosystem.

You soon realize that finding all of these APs may be a challenge. Good Luck

The Wifi hunt will begin at 6:00pm on Tuesday September 25, 2018 at the conference center.
Help for the Wifi hunt will be provided in the #wifihunt channel in the SAINTCOMMS Slack instance.
You will need to bring a device capable of connecting to wireless networks and initiating connections with computing devices on those networks.
The Wifi hunt will end at 9:00am on Friday September 28, 2018.

Tips, Tricks, and Rules:

  • The Wireless Hunt event will start on Tuesday September 25, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Utah Valley Convention center (somewhere).
  • You will need a WiFi capable computing device to interact with the targets.
  • Your WiFi capable computing device will need to be able to scan and/or connect on nonstandard ports over TCP/IP.
  • All of the targets in the wireless use the same PSK as the conference wifi - SAINTCON2018. If you are attempting to connect to a network and that password does not work, you are not connecting to the right network.
  • This is a progressive challenge where you will need to solve each stage before you can identify the next target.
  • Please do not perform a deauth attack or some other denial of service attack on the targets - this will not help you but only ruins the game for others.
  • This challenge does not require any social engineering to gain access to the targets.
  • Physical access to any of the wireless equipment for this challenge is strictly prohibited.
  • The entire challenge can be played safely without breaking the law or damaging any property.
  • You must obey the law. Trespassing, vandalism, or harassment are strictly prohibited. You assume all responsibility for your own actions.
  • Please be respectful of others as you play the game.