SAINTCON 2018 Job Fair

Looking for a job in security? Needing to find great security people for an open position? This is an open-forum Job Fair for attendees of the SAINTCON conference and businesses in the community. The format is very informal but allows you to come and mingle, network, and perhaps find your next best professional relationship. The official event will run Wednesday morning, however, that won't be the only opportunity for people to connect. There are many sponsors this year looking to hire and many attendees who will be walking throughout the duration of the con.

In order to identify who is hiring and who is looking, SAINTCON will provide the tags below that can be attached to your lanyard to wear during the con. These tags will be available the morning of the job fair.

Date: Wednesday September 26th, 2018
Time: 8am - 10am
Location: 3rd floor Atrium

Additional details: Job fair participants are required to have a conference pass. Companies not currently sponsoring SAINTCON 2018 are welcome to join this event and only need to register as a general attendee.