The SAINTCON Meal Plan    

Meals are an important component to any conference or event. For years, meals have been a standard and included at the conference. The cost for food has been one of the biggest drivers for increased ticket costs over the years. This year we have decided to break out food costs and offer tickets with or without food included. This change is intended to make the conference more affordable for some attendees who find it difficult to attend because of the cost.

The Details

The SAINTCON meal plan includes Lunches during all four days of the conference. In addition, access to canned drinks and snacks will also be made available during the conference. The costs for meals is a straight pass-through and is not marked up. The menu will be posted on this page a few weeks prior to the conference event.

Special dietary needs may be accommodated, but cannot be guaranteed. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know prior to the conference, and we will do our best to have the conference center accommodate your needs.

All meals will be provided by the Utah Valley Convention Center catering services.

Menus are still being determined and will be posted as soon as they are available.