The SAINTCON Leadership Community is designed for the technology leaders attending SAINTCON, who are looking for ideas, vision, direction, and forecasting our needs in cyber-security and technology. For 2021, we are reviewing the lessons learned during the pandemic, and focusing on what else we see as a challenge on the horizon.

One of the major points of discussion will be focusing on fundamentals necessary for keeping our cyber-assets and services online, and well protected.  One major area of discussion will be around our vulnerable power-grid, and other industrial-controlled assets.  We have been inspired by the book Lights Out, by Ted Koppel.  We encourage you to review this and other similar sources to more fully engage in our community discussions.

“It would be comforting to report that those agencies charged with responding to disasters are adequately prepared to deal with the consequences of a cyberattack on our electric grid. They are not.”

Ted Koppel

Leadership Track Topics

  • Overview and discussions regarding power grid issues –  Lights Out by Ted Koppel 
  • Private LTE security discussion and activities 
  • SAINTCON Leadership – keynote speaker panel discussion
  • K12 and higher education strategies around CyberSecurity 
  • eduroam and security details
  • Solar panels, generators, and other battery backup systems 
  • CyberSecurity 101 sessions 
  • CISO Leadership panel discussions on security 
  • Data breach response 
  • Security for IoT, sensors and Industry Control Systems (ICS)

Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism

A sniper attack in April that knocked out an electrical substation near San Jose, Calif., has raised fears that the country’s power grid is vulnerable to terrorism.

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