The Tamper Evident challenge is designed to see how effective attendees can be at learning the vulnerabilities in tamper evident seals and give them an opportunity to put those skills to the test.

Game Rules:

The rules for the Tamper Evident Challenge are loosely defined, but strictly include the following:

  • Be ethical in how you play the challenge.
    Which means that you should not take any unfair advantage including from other players
  • Do NOT destroy the challenge materials
    You lose points anyway so why would you?
  • TEAMWORK is allowed and even encouraged
    However there can only be one “Winner” of the game. Choose your friends wisely.

Game Process:

Pick up a challenge box anytime beginning on Tuesday After 1:30p.  (LIMIT to 30 Individuals/Teams)

Work on getting to the center of the challenge as much as you need to.

Return the Challenge Box on Thursday at 3:00p at the TE Booth, fill out the form for your submission and leave it for judgement.   Results will be announced during closing ceremonies on Friday.

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