SAINTCON Planning Committee


Troy Jessup
Conference Administration

Conference Administration, Vision, and Graphics

Jup1t3r is the founding member of the UtahSAINT organization, and SAINTCON.  He is a highly skilled security professional and currently works in the public education sector, providing security and network services for the greater State of Utah.


Seth Johnson
Conference Registration

Conference Registration and Special Groups Management

SJ has been involved with SAINTCON since 2012, and has brought so many skills that we still have not utilized them all.  SJ currently works in the private sector with focus on cloud and cloud-security. 


Chris Morgan


Sirashrum has been involved in SAINTCON since 2017.  His skills offered to committee include some MAD SMOKING of high-protein food.  He is a skilled technology professional, working with the public sector within Utah.  His wrangling efforts for trainers, presenters, and other content is now legendary!


Joleen Hale
Attendee Services, and Infobooth

Attendee Services and onsite registration

Honki is an appropriate handle.  Just make her laugh and you will understand.  Honki has been involved in SAINTCON since 2013 (i think), and has been a major contributor in how the conference has evolved.  She currently works in the public sector supporting technology for public education.


Matt Lorimer
Contests and Communities


Zodiak has been involved in SAINTCON since at least 2005, whether as a presenter, or on the committee, he has always been a contributor to the community.  He is a highly skilled technology professional, currently working in the private sector for a great company.


James Pope


Pope has been involved with SAINTCON since 2016.  How he got involved is a funny story that you can ask him about.  Pope is a highly-skilled security professional and business manager working in the private sector.  Pope is the reason we have great Keynotes.


D. C.
Online Services

Online Services and Social Media

kämpf is a long time security conference attendee and staff member, now a recent addition to our committee with 2022 being his second year.  kämpf is a privacy advocate, and a skilled technology professional, currently working in the public sector.


Josh Galvez
Contests and Hackers Challenge

Contests and Hackers Challenge Game Master

Many years ago, Zevlag was the top winner of the Hackers Challenge game, winning one of our first black badges ever awarded.  Since then, he has either been involved in, or running the Hackers Challenge game.  He is a highly skilled security professional working in the private sector primarily with a cloud security focus.


Jeremy Cox

SAINTCON Official Events

Supertechguy has been around since almost the beginning.  He is a charismatic and engaging presenter with a lot of technology skills to draw from.  He shares his skills in optimizing processes with this year being our events department.   Supertechguy currently works in the public education sector directly supporting student learning.


Josh Scott


Scr4m has been serving SAINTCON as a committee member since 2019.  Currently working in the public sector, he is a technology professional with broad skills and capabilities making logistics an easy job for him.  If it moves, needs to be moved, or shouldn’t move, he is probably aware of it.


Kimberly Jessup
Sponsor Coordinator

Sponsor Coordinator

Berly started getting involved in SAINTCON from the very beginning, as the spouse of the chairman she decided to get more involved to avoid being a widow for 5-6 months out of the year.  She has brought poise and great ideas to sponsorship management.


Mike Whiteley
Badge Development

Conference Badge Designer

Compukidmike is an extremely talented hardware designer.  With some incredible badges designed over the years, he has even designed badges for DEF CON.  Compukidmike currently works in the private sector.


Jerad Reay
Logistics and Stage Decor

Logistics and Stage

Ray-Man is one of the newer committee members, and is a great contributor, often helping in several other departments.  Ray-Man is currently a technology professional in the public education sector.


Bryce Fox


Pali runs the SAINTCON Store.  This initiative began when we realized that people will continue to want swag, tools, material, and more.   Pali is a technology professional in the Public sector.


Jon Im
Audio Visual Production

Audio and Video Production

nqztv provides an incredible service, one that seems to often go unnoticed because of how well his team does.  Currently running everything about projection, and audio for all presentations.


Tristan Rhodes
Network and Wireless

Network and Wireless

The network is the backbone of any technical conference.  Tristan brings the best network to our attendees.  Currently working in the public sector as a technology professional.


Bryce Kunz

Quartermaster and Transportation

Getting thins to/from the conference is one of the biggest logistical challenges and requires a lot of work leading up to the event.  Bryce brings a lot of experience and “let’s figure it out” attitude to SAINTCON.  Currently working in the private sector as the principle in a cyber-security company.


Kelly Genessy
Swiss-Army Knife


After several years of being unable to participate, CHUNK is back and involved in SAINTCON Planning this year.  One of the hardest working and dedicated people we know, Kelly is currently looking for his next big opportunity.