Come to the Packet Capture Community to learn more about packets, how to capture them, how to decode protocols, and everything in-between. We teach this through a capture the flag type contest focused on network packet analysis. After a brief overview, participants will download a packet capture file (pcap) for analysis using Wireshark. There are 16 questions on the gameboard and hints are available if you get stuck.

The Packet Capture community with give you a short overview of why packet trace data is useful for troubleshooting and network forensics as well as how and where it can be obtained. The Packet Capture takes 60-90 minutes to complete. Solutions will be reviewed in detail upon request.

All participants will need to have access to a computer running Wireshark (latest stable version recommended) and a web browser. The pcap file will be available to download from the gameboard.

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Hours of Operation

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