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Hours of Operation

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Minibadge Details

To earn a Lock Pick minibadge, you must participate and unlock something in the community space.



Lock picking: a staple at any security conference. Anyone can learn it and excel at it. This year, we’re going to expand on previous year’s LPC and break it out into more advanced picking methods. We’ll be learning how to use specialized tools and techniques. We’ll have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced tables so you can try out all the different levels of lock picking.

Whether you are new or experienced with lock picking, the LPC is a must stop. Every hacker or security professional can benefit from this skill. Take your locksport game to the next level. We will have lock picking challenges, instruction and plenty of practice time for you to learn to pick the most challenging locks.

Lock Pick FAQ

What can I expect?

We’ll have tables with locks, padlocks, mini-doors, safes, lockpicking tools and more. We’ve have a whole table dedicated to handcuffs and opening them without keys

Are you open for family night?

Seriously, you want your kids to know this? Yes. They should. We’ll be open on Family Night

Why should I learn lock picking?

Because it’s awesome. But seriously, it’s a key skill in physical security and will help you see the world in a new light

Do I need previous experience?

No. No experience required. We’ll teach you all of it. You don’t need to know linux, TCP packet sizes, or how to spell DNS

What tools should I bring?

We will provide all the tools you need. If you have your own lock picks, you’re welcome to bring them

Can I purchase lock picking tools at the store?

Yes. We’ll have TONS… while supplies last

Is lockpicking legal?

Yes. In Utah, it is not illegal to possess lock picks and you can travel with them. Just be smart. Don’t do illegal stuff. We’re not lawyers

Is there more than just lock picking?

Oh yeah. We’ll be talking about various bypass tools, physical security tactics and methods, covert entry, shimming, loiding, latch-slipping and more. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you all these terms

Will this be the same as last year?

No. We’ll have Beginner and Intermediate tables and we’ll be teaching beginner and advanced lockpicking techniques

Will there be prizes and contests?

This is SAINTCON. Of course we will. We’ll have giveaways through the con and a Dozier Drill. Not sure what that is? Good! Come and see.