Los Santos is back. Learning how to pick locks in a controlled, stress-free environment is one thing. What about when you’re under pressure, blinded, scared and your life depends on it? That’s what Los Santos will simulate and teach you.

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In order to reduce the likelihood of any accidents or injury, the following requirements apply in order to participate in Los SANTOS Escape Challenge:

  • Participants will need to sign-up in advance for a time-slot for their attempt.  Slots are given based on first-come-first served.
  • Participants may only attempt one difficulty per time-slot
  • Participants are required to sign a waiver prior to any attempt
  • Participants will be required to have “medical wrap” and/or “tape” on their wrists in order to protect from unintended stabbing with escape tools.
  • Participants under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

Game Support and Questions

All game support and questions are handled via Discord


In order to maintain the quality of the contest, keep it in working order, and focus on escape skills, the following guidelines are established for this event. Misuse or not following these guidelines may lead to disqualification from the contest:

  • Damaging props so they are unusable for other contestants.
    This doesn’t include certain office supplies as mentioned by LS Staff (i.e. paper clips, things in trash can)
  • Not wearing required protective gear i.e., (medical tape on wrists).
  • Ripping chair off floor. (It’s supposed to be bolted, but we’ll tape it to the floor as venue allows)