How to Transfer a Registration

If you are no longer able to attend the conference, and would like to transfer your ticket to someone else, use the transfer registration system.

The system will require validation from the email address on file in the system to successfully register. 

Some tickets are non-transferable, examples include: Scholarship, Staff/Volunteer, Black Badge, Student Group, etc.

Bulk Registration Information

Bulk registration for SAINTCON is possible with up to ten (10) tickets available per purchase.  After a bulk purchase, a cool-down period will prevent further registrations with the same: email, credit card, or address.

If you need to register significantly more than 10 people, please contact us about bulk registration options. Bulk Registration Questions

We can also no longer offer discounts for bulk registrations.  We are offering our best price for each ticket type.

Special Registration Circumstances

If you are involved in SAINTCON as more than just a paid attendee, it’s likely you fall into this category.  If you are a Volunteer, Staff, Committee, Presenter, Trainer, or Keynote speaker, please redeem the code provided by email.

If you are a Black Badge holder and wish to use it for yourself, please contact @sj on Discord to have a registration code sent to you.

If you think you fall into a special circumstance, please either contact your department head, or discuss it with Registration Support.

Discount Tickets discontinued.

For many years, SAINTCON has offered discount tickets for qualifying groups or people.  This process has always been evaluated based on need, bulk, and other factors.

Due to many issues, the most significant being logistics, time, and resources needed from an all-volunteer staff, we have been compelled to discontinue offering discount tickets.

Along with this change, we have formalized two new programs which we believe address the majority of the discount needs.  These are the “Scholarship Program” and the “Student Group Program“.  With these two programs we hope to continue to provide for the needs of the community where finances are a major issue, and appreciate your understanding of our need to reduce logistical load on an all-volunteer administrative-team.