Come and “get your gear”

Hours of Operation

6:00p to 9:00p – Monday (Early Reg)
12:00p to 4:30p – Tuesday
9:00a to 4:30p – Wednesday
9:00a to 4:30p – Thursday
6:30p to 9:30p – Thursday (Family Night)
9:00a to 11:00a – Friday

Featured Contest Artwork


Are you a player of SAINTCON Contests? Get the T-Shirt to express your enthusiasm for the Vault Challenge.



For the first time ever we are trying on the beanie. If you like wearing beanies we have just the SAINTCON swag for you.

Software Defined Radio


Learn how to use this to capture unencrypted radio signals that carry pager messages or airplane ADS-B transponder signals that locate planes in the sky.

Covert Instruments Tools

Lock Tools

Get your own lock pick tools just like Lock Picking Lawyer has. We have an arrangement to sell some products from his Covert Instruments line of tools.

Velcro Patches


Do you have a place for Velcro Patches on your backpack or Jacket? Or do you want to? Here is the perfect chance to accessorize your bag, backpack, jacket or whatever with the fun logo of your favorite events, contests, or communities of SAINTCON. This is new this year but if the interest is high we will repeat this offering in the future. Patches include a UtahSAINT patch, a SAINTCON Lock Pick Community patch, and a SAINTCON Scavenger Hunt Contest patch.

Mini Badge SMD Challenge Progression Set


We expect there will be many Mini Badges floating around at SAINTCON 2022. The free ones may give you plenty to do but this badge posses a progressively hard challenge. You get to experience soldering from larger to smaller sizes of components to test your skill and to give you an idea of what each size takes. Good Luck!



Most years we do offer a black baseball style cap featuring a favorite SAINTCON logo. They are in limited supply so get yours early.

SAINTCON Full Zip Hoodie


Most years we do offer a Hoodie featuring a favorite SAINTCON logo. This year we have both Men and Women’s cut style’s. They are in limited supply so get yours early.