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Circuit Assembly Community

The SAINTCON Circuit Assembly Community is where you can learn about assembling electronic devices. It is where you can find soldering irons, projects to work on, and people with burn scars on their hands.

SAINTCON 2022 Minibadge Assembly Guide

This guide references most Minibadges you may find at SAINTCON 2022, and how to build them.


The location of the Circuit Assembly Community is in the Expo space in the North-West corner. Just look for the soldering tables and big stage of eager geeks with band-aids on their fingers.

Hours of Operation

See FAQ for Expo Area Hours

Tools and Equipment

Most tools and equipment you need to be successful in the CAC are readily available. The following is a list of some of the available equipment you can use in the CAC.
  • Soldering Irons
  • Solder with Lead and Lead-Free
  • Desolder wick, and solder vacuum pumps
  • Hot Air stations for reworking connections
  • Clippers, screw-drivers, pliers, and other tools.
  • Helping hands, Magnifying Lenses, and stands to make soldering easier.
  • Infrared Oven Heater for SMD projects
  • Oscilloscopes for diagnostics and testing
  • Microscopes for doing super small work
  • And so much more. Just ask, we probably have it!